It is a warm summer evening in late August, 1971. The usual smells & sounds that accompany such evenings are prevalent; the splash & squeals of glee as children stay cool in the pool competing with the sound of a gas engine lawn mower making perfect lines on a neighbor’s lawn. The lawn mower leaves a, never to be forgotten, smell of gasoline and fresh cut grass.

These smells and sounds find me sitting in the middle of my dad’s garage, on a chair, cape mqdefault[1].jpgon, with the garage door wide open to the passing neighbors. Dad proudly wields a new set of electric shears, humming in his hand, with the #2 comb attached to the end. A do it yourself hair cut was in progress!

Variations on do-it-yourself product ideas have been marketed to us for many years… culminating in today’s marketing guru’s telling us we can do our own electrical & plumbing (not really recommend by us!) or even going so far as doing our own taxes, wills, investing and yes, I’ve seen it, do it yourself funerals!

All this to say that we, at Home Porch & Patio Kits Inc have worked hard to find manufacturers, who have put together a quality, innovative, outdoor DIY solution for creating that new space with your existing porch or on your existing backyard patio slab. We never work with a manufacturer that we have not met or toured their facilities; making sure that they fit our own corporate ethos with an eye on a combination of providing a quality product and enduring customer satisfaction.

There is lots of help out there for the DIY enthusiast! The internet is a great resource and you can attend seminars at your local big box store on various applications for home based projects. Likewise we make sure that we are available to answer all questions on our product lines, both pre and post purchase, and if we can’t answer your question we will find someone who can!

So… in the coming months as you consider what to do with a largely unusable back deck because of the hot afternoon sun or because of mosquito’s large enough to carry you away, we don’t think the question is ‘To DIY or Not to DIY?’ but rather “Why not DIY!” We can help!