It’s been 15 years since TLC aired the first show of Trading Spaces. Though they didn’t launch it without the measured success of a predecessor show overseas, I don’t think anyone could have guessed the seeming obsession it triggered in the North American DIY market!

Spring time always marks the impending purchase of, literally billions of dollars in DIY applications, from paint to porch screening kits! Many will plan their holidays, putting aside the time to accomplish these projects, with the hope of adding beauty and value to their property.Truth be told North America has a pre-occupation with home ownership and there are a number of factors that play into why DIY has become central with that pre-occupation.

The DIY market has been fuelled by popular TV shows like Trading Spaces, where there are literally dozens of shows now vying for your viewership, and hoping to impart the next great ‘how to’ moment. Entire networks have sprung up out of this phenomenon, including real estate shows and internet mega-sites such as Pinterest.

In our dealings with thousands of customers every year, we find that at some level almost all men have dabbled in DIY and increasingly women can say the same. It is not unusual for us to be helping husand & wife with the installation, or be dealing with the wife in defining the needs and measurements of their new backyard screen room addition!

We get it! Your home signifies and even provokes feelings of safety, status and love. Your home is not just a product, but also a process – an interest and a pleasure.

Sometimes DIY is a necessity because of cost considerations. But we have found over the years that we are dealing with people who do it as a leisure activity, or as a means of self expression (I did this!) or, sometimes, and this is not unusual with DIY’ers, they simply don’t trust someone else to ‘do it right!’

More & more of our customers are teaching us that our homes are our sanctuaries from an increasingly pressurized world. We change areas of our homes because that is where we have control. In a time where many investments are giving rock bottom returns, it makes sense that homeowner’s turn into DIY zealots, as they add value to an investment that is sure to give a return!

However it should be noted that not all your efforts will reap financial reward. You really do need to assess what will actually add both beauty and value to your home. Adding an addition or a loft conversion, are largely considered ‘can’t lose’ projects whereas putting in double glazed windows or adding a swimming pool to the backyard may not give you the return you are looking for.

As purveyors of DIY kits, we always encourage the DIY enthusiast to heed the maxim – good quality repays its cost. At Home Porch & Patio Kits Inc. we are always available to help you go through the products we have so that you can make a good decision about your budget and the quality of the product you are buying. Most of us, as home owners, are on limited incomes, and a properly planned and well executed project can pay off big time! We’d love to help if we can.