We are privileged to speak with people from Hawaii to Rhode Island and Alaska to New Mexico. Their reason for calling Home Porch & Patio Kits is ultimately about a DIY project. However, it often allows us to talk about what is going on in their corner of the world. We get to share personal and regionally based experiences and challenges. Sometimes even to the point of praying with people, whether they become a customer or not! As we said, we are privileged.

The past two years of helping people obtain and build their patio covers, screen enclosures, and modular sunrooms have been a challenge. Securing material and estimating delivery timelines has frankly been a nightmare for all levels involved in the process. For the most part, but for a few bad apples, people were gracious and understanding. From coast to coast to coast, a common complaint was how so many local businesses and large corporations seemed to be taking advantage of their neighbors, all in the name of profit.

COVID-19 has challenged people around the world in profound ways. Building an ethical corporate ethos and applying the desired ethical behavior can be daunting even in the best times. From our experience, a perceived corporate ethic applied consistently creates a sense of customer confidence in committing to a DIY materials purchase and installation. As we move through 2022, Home Porch & Patio Kits promises, as we have in the past, to continue to respond and adapt. We will continue to address any new problems caused by the crisis according to our commitment to ethical sales practices, customer service, and even profit margins.

Doing the right thing in difficult circumstances is often the hard thing. It is often sacrificial in nature. Admittedly, there is no rule, law, or policy for every situation. Still, there is always a value to guide behavior: respect, integrity, fairness, or truth. We have believed this (check out our All About Us page) from Home Porch & Patio Kits Inc.’s birth and expect it of all our employees.

COVID will continue to manifest itself in unexpected ways for the foreseeable future, including ongoing pricing and supply chain issues. We remain committed to being the company and the people you can count on to work with you to get your DIY projects accomplished.

We so very much appreciate the confidence so many of you had in us over the last two challenging years. Thank you from all of us!

Here’s looking toward a great 2022.