Patio enclosures (often referred to as sun-rooms) will give you a beautiful recreational space. Additionally, it will provide you with a return on investment that you can brag about if done well. Backyard improvements are arguably some of the best investments a homeowner can make. A patio enclosure will give a bottom-line increase in square footage and provide a 75% to 90% return on investment (depending on who you talk to!). Never under-estimate the elements of additional character as well as increased curb appeal. A patio enclosure feels ‘different’ than the other rooms in your home, giving your home that added unique charm. 

Patio Enclosures/sunrooms are different than porch enclosures or screen rooms. The latter is a screen wall structure. A proper patio enclosure creates a new non-habitable protected space for your home. Non-habitable simply means it has a specialized and limited use, and it does not fit the building code requirement of fitness for full-time occupancy.

That said, three & four-season use is what our modular system is all about! Our insulated roof panels are engineered for strength in snow load areas and carry R-values ranging from 14 to 28. The walls have an insulating R-value of 18 with options to further insulate against cold and heat with single, double & even triple-pane window systems. All this to say that by putting a temporary heating / cooling unit (mini-split) in these beautiful spaces, you’ve got yourself a year-round games room, study, or R&R getaway! 

Unlike a contractor-led build for a new addition, the cost of a DIY quality patio enclosure is relatively low. Usually, because you are supplying the labor, your new enclosure will run between $12,000 and $20,000, which is what makes these systems such a great return on investment down the road. Again, depending on who you talk to, these units’ ROI is better than a new den or bedroom.

As with anything worth doing, planning will be the most crucial part of your project. The following tips will help you prepare and remind you of what you need to consider.

Educate yourself

Admittedly Home Porch & Patio Kits is not the fanciest WEB site out there. However, you will not find another that gives you all the details for each part of their system, as we do. Everything is right there for you to read about and view so you can compare to the lesser products out there!

Define the space

Suppose your cement pad or deck has been built according to code. In that case, our modular sunrooms/patio enclosures can go on your existing surface. Identify the available space and measure out the footprint of the walls that you think you want to end up. The roof will generally be understood to be 6″ – 12″ larger than the footprint—plan for that as well. You should note that your size is what we work with to create the modules. We will never limit or restrict your unit’s size unless it falls outside our construction engineering standards!

Get a Budgetary Cost

This may be harder with some companies than others. We make it simple. Once you have educated yourself about our product, a quick 2-minute form takes your dream installation basics. We will get back to you with an estimate that generally, should you decide to move forward, falls within $1000 of your final cost!

Consider a Building Permit

Building permits are usually required for most home renovations. Consult the permitting office and know what you need before receiving the material for your new sunroom. Most permitting offices delineate construction projects by type, resulting in getting the building permit quicker. Once you have committed to moving forward, we can supply the engineering you need to satisfy your local permitting office. No matter what, we will always provide the materials, which, when correctly assembled, will meet the local code requirements for your area!

Designing Your Room

Once you have committed to moving forward, we will work with you to draw up what your patio enclosure will look like, including the number, size, and type of windows and doors. Also, the size of your room and its design will depend on its function. There is no need to hire a specialist to design it for you. We will develop a detailed design plan, which the factory will use to create a CAD drawing for your approval and final construction of your modular sun-room. 

Hiring Contractors

Although a seemingly daunting task, our modular system and the right tools make this a project that can be completed in two or three weekends or a single week. Patience and planning make this a project almost any homeowner with decent DIY skills can accomplish. Suppose you’re not a do-it-yourselfer with the necessary skill level to accomplish this installation. In that case, you could hire a professional to build it for you. Be sure to compare several quotes from local contractors before deciding, check their references, and their licenses and insurance details. Once you select your builder, meet with them face-to-face, present them with the information given to you and on our WEB site so you can set up a work schedule and plan.

Once you’ve considered all the above steps and have finished planning, you’re ready to build your sunroom.

Ready? Set? Go!