Here at Home Porch & Patio Kits, even as busy as we are all year ‘round, I still find myself missing the extended days and exposure to prolonged sunlight. If I am not mistaken, our bodies use sunlight to process vitamin D through our skin and there has been some lines drawn recently between a lack of vitamin D and the winter blahs. There have also been studies done on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) where the winter blahs are expressed more severely through chronic depression, changes in appetite, weight gain, irritability, anxiety, sleep abnormalities, muscle aches and difficulty concentrating. Sufferers experience a pronounced decline in the late fall and winter months, and start to bounce back in spring.

Whatever the “cause for the blahs” we thought we might share a few ideas on how to get through the next 6 weeks!

DIY The Tummy
Comfort food is called that, well, because it is comforting. Experiment once a week with your culinary skills. Get the family involved. We recently made our own version of stew where we ended up with a little flour on our faces but enjoyed a really good stew on a cold and snowy winter’s night.

DIY The Heart
Anyone north of the Mason Dixon Line will likely be spending more time indoors during the winter months. The sad reality is when regular exercise is reduced, so are energy levels. When we become lethargic, we are less ‘vibrant.’ Find ways to exercise! There are many outdoor winter activities that can get the heart going (snow shoeing, cross country skiing) and many gyms are now extremely affordable with a $40 initiation fee and then $10/month maintenance fee. I know from experience, when I feel lethargic or sleepy during the day… its time to get the ol’ ticker pumpin’!

DIY Crafts
My wife is the craftier of the two of us. This requires a full one quarter of our basement area to be lined with tables and shelving loaded with beads, paper, markers, cards, ribbons etc. She always amazes me with the cards she creates to give messages of encouragement or love to friends and family. The joy this gives her is clear. Why not make use of the winter indoor time to bling out that mason jar to put a scented candle in for ‘bath time,’ make a necklace for your daughter or make a card to let a friend know you are thinking of them! You will brighten someone’s day and lift your own spirits at the same time!

DIY De-clutter
As we have advanced in age, we have appreciated the value of being organized. It is important in business to be sure but there is nothing like an organized home… to live in and entertain in. You can gain a sense of accomplishment, over a period of time, by purposing to de-clutter your home. Before the great outdoor weather arrives, take the time to get rid of all the “un-used stuff” you and your family have been accumulating. As you wend your way through the house, from tool area to toy room, you can clean up your home and by donating your ‘stuff’ to local food banks and donation distributors you can help others at the same time! Tackle one space at a time, and you will eventually be clutter free!

DIY The Backyard
Naturally, we would be remiss if we did not include ways in which Home Porch & Patio Kits can help defeat the February ‘blah’s.’ Goals are important and can ‘bump’ one’s outlook on life in positive directions. We would suggest looking out on that empty (snow filled?) back deck and start putting ideas on paper on what you would like your summer play area to look like. Get creative / artistic! Think about furniture, hot tubs, fire pits, gardens, coy ponds, bushes or trees. Think about covers – protection from the sun. Think about walls – protection from bugs or even winter weather! You know where we are going with this! With ideas on paper, you can start planning the initial stages of your backyard renovation – no matter how big or small! When it comes to protection from sun, bugs and inclement weather, Home Porch & Patio Kits can help with that part of your project. From Patio Covers to Screened Enclosures to Modular Sunrooms – – check out our WEB site and then give us a call!