Your sunroom gives you extra living space that you can enjoy all year round. Whether you are avoiding summertime heat and humidity or the frigid temperatures of winter, your quality sunroom is / has been a good investment. It is a room that has added value to your home and one that allows you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors from the comfort of your home.

If you have had your sunroom for a period of time there are always considerations regarding the living space itself and the ongoing energy efficiency of the room both indoors and outdoors. Both considerations will ensure ongoing comfort and will ensure a continued return on your investment in the future.

Energy Efficiency

Depending on the age of your sunroom, it might be time to replace those old single pane windows. Switching to a double pane window will eliminate drafts and will cut heating costs for the room in half. The reverse in keeping the room cool during the summer is true as well. At the very least, scrape out old dried caulking around the window exterior and replace it with a high quality 25 year exterior caulk. Fill in any gaps between window and wall.

If you didn’t do it when you installed the sunroom, consider extending interior ductwork into the sunroom for both heating and cooling. Generally speaking it would be less expensive in the long run than trying to heat and cool with electricity. That said, a well thought out placement of either baseboard or space heaters throughout the room will work to keep it cozy during the winter. There are also company’s which make an HVAC system that will both heat and cool your sunroom with minimal invasive requirements with respect to holes in your sunroom walls. Worth investigating!


Part of the allure of sunrooms is the comfort they provide while extending that view to your beautiful backyard / view / sunrise / sunset.

During the winter months switching from the summery blues and yellows to a wintery color palette of frosty blues, reds, greens and white will keep the space inviting and cozy. You can accomplish this by using throw rugs, throw pillows, blankets and seasonal accessories, including potted plants (mums, poinsettias). Electric fireplaces are a worthy consideration in terms of a heat source and the comfort of the ol’ flame in the hearth. All re-shape the space in keeping with the winter requirement for homey comfort.

A change in window treatments is something to consider as well. You can find many brands of shades and drapes that match your winter color palette and are designed to provide extra insulation for your windows. Be sure to compare products, keeping in mind that the efficacy of the curtains is related to the distance away from the window and look for window treatments that advertise their R-value. The higher the number the better the insulation they provide. In many cases you may want to choose insulated shades, which hang directly over the glass. Online sources for insulated shades include Window Quilts, Symphony Shades and EcoSmart Insulating Shades.

How Home Porch & Patio Kits can Help!

If you are reading this and have a sunroom that is on its last legs or have been considering installing one on your back deck or patio, we can help. If you have an existing roof line, like a screened in porch and you’ve wanted to make it a four season room, we can help.

We have a fully modular sunroom system and a modular insulated walls under system, which the average homeowner can install themselves. Full details, including instructions are on our WEB site and of course, as always, we are here, toll free, to answer any and all questions. Quotations are given on a ‘no obligation’ basis.

A quality sunroom is important. A quality sunroom also means that it will look good and last a long time. Sunrooms are a great investment, usually ranking in the top 7 home improvement projects with a return on investment estimate of approximately 70% depending on location and other factors. Add in the savings that you get from a DIY construction and made easy with the “made to order” modular system we provide, the addition becomes a no brainer. You create functional extra space that can be used as a study, indoor garden, family room or games room.

From roof to windows, Home Porch & Patio Kits can help you completely customize your sunroom to compliment your home! Call today! Why wait?