Here at Home Porch & Patio Kits, we get much the same kind of question all the time when it comes to retractable patio awnings. “Are these strong enough to be an effective protection against sun and rain and yet have the patio uncovered in the cool evenings?”

The answer is a resounding YES! A self-supporting retractable awning is ideal for decks and patios. They are made with strong folding arms, attached easily to the house, and are engineered to support the entire awning with no other supports. When it is retracted, the decorative valence lends charm to the neat and tidy package at the house wall.

Extending the awning provides a comfortable space on your deck or patio. It can be used to protect you in light rain (*), and if it stops the sun from coming into the house on a southern or western exposure it can cut air-conditioning costs significantly. By blocking the sun’s direct rays through the patio door or picture window, heat gain and carpet fading is also significantly reduced.

A self-supporting retractable awning works in a similar fashion to your own arms. When it is retracted, it is like having your elbows bent and your arms folded flat against your chest (the house wall).

You can choose from a full line of retractable deck awnings and can therefore offer a range of sizes up to 20’ wide, and in projections of up to 12’ away from the house wall. There are couple types of awning fabrics available, including the world famous Sunbrella line of fabrics, and both are long lasting acrylic fabrics. In most cases an incredible selection of colors and patterns are available to ensure a great match or accent to the colors on your home.

All wall-mounted retractable awnings come with standard hand cranks to open and close them and are easy enough for children and the elderly to operate. That said optional motorized versions are available and in today’s digital world, they can be operated from both outside and inside the home. The arms and retracting mechanisms are designed to keep the fabric taut across its width and projection, whether you open the awning only one foot or its entire projection.

A true item of practical convenience, retractable awning manufacturers offer the additional option of a weatherguard cover for those installations that are not protected under a standard soffit and if you do not have the height on the house wall, roof mount systems are available as well!

All in all retractable patio awnings are an engineered modern convenience that would make a fantastic addition to any backyard deck or patio.

(*) Retractable awnings are primarily designed as sun shades. You will need to be sure your awning is appropriately pitched if being used in the rain so as to prevent water pooling in the fabric.