My daughters can do lots of things by themselves. As they have grown up, I can’t count the number of times when I have tried to help, only to be rebuked with “I can do it myself!”

Our desire for independence begins at an early age and if you think about it, we all become DIY’ers in one form or another. Now, there are some logical limitations to this phenomenon. For example, should you write your own Will? After all why should we pay someone hundreds of dollars for a few sheets of paper? There are many on-line templates available to you – – fill in the form and ‘Ta-da!” you have yourself a Will.

The reality is however, when you deal with the complexities of tax law and governmental requirements, you will likely make mistakes creating the potential for conflict at a time that you just don’t need it. So, this is not a DIY venture we would recommend!

However, when you can partner with people who can answer all of your concerns about the project at hand, free of charge and prior to you even spending a penny… doing it yourself makes “cents!” Home Porch and Patio Kits Inc. can help turn trepidation to resolution.

We represent a number of manufacturers carefully chosen to provide a wide variety of both “materials supplied” and “modularized” kits, each specifically designed to create an indoor space outdoors. Screen in existing roof lines with our screen walls only, porch screening systems. Cover your existing deck or patio with a retractable deck cover or specialty pergola. Choose a permanent installation of an aluminum patio cover. Modularized sun rooms with an insulated roof, walls and low-e windows round out our commitment to provide the best of the best to the DIY market.

So why should you “think you can?”

  1. Save Money! Often times 60% or more of the cost of a project is found in the labor.
  2. You’ll either do it or need to call a handyman anyway. That being said, as mentioned above recognize your limitations. If you don’t know what a ground wire is, don’t take on any electrical projects! If you do bring in some help – stick around and learn something for next time!
  3. All of our kits come with instructions. If you are able to follow directions, there is a 95% chance that you will succeed. Even after you’ve started, Home Porch and Patio Kits Inc. and / or the manufacturers we represent are here to help!
  4. You often here of contractors who start the job and finish it 3 months later. As a DIY’er you can complete your project on your own time-line.
  5. You won’t know if you can do it until you try.
  6. Bragging rights.
  7. You get to have your finished photo up on our WEB site and become part of our DIY family!

So give us a call and see if we can’t help you end up declaring “I can do it myself!”