Not all do it yourselfers are driven by the same thing. My Dad loves the challenge of saving a buck or two where ever he can on his home improvement projects. Others want to walk away with the knowledge that they did not have to put control in another person’s hands. Still others enter into the DIY arena out of necessity.

In years past, low quality was associated with doing it yourself. That is definitely not the case anymore as metal fabrication processes have innovated and improved and the role of modularization has gained popularity.

With that said, there is a process one should go through before tackling most ‘addition type’ DIY home improvement projects. That goes for our patio cover kits, porch screening materials, screened enclosures systems and our modular sunroom kits. The reality always remains that a DIY project can cost more if you end up “doing it yourself” and “doing it wrong” and then have to hire someone to make it right!

So before you act on Napoleon Bonaparte’s philosophy where he claimed “If you want a thing done well, do it yourself” consider the following…

First, whatever your motivation for wanting to DIY, if you think you can replace a professional where there is risk to you or your home associated with project, STOP! It is one thing to get paint on a window pane or a carpet. It is a whole other think to get electrocuted.

Second, prior to purchasing the materials, investigate what tools are going to be needed to accomplish installation. Home Porch & Patio Kits has a set of installation guidelines for each of the products we sell. Within those guidelines is a list of the tools typically required for each installation.  Naturally if you have to invest significantly in tools, it may not be worthwhile.

Third, make use of your circle of influence. I know that I have many friends that are smarter and / or more experienced than I am. Pick their brains regarding your idea, of say, installing a patio cover on your back deck. Do it with the instructions in hand! Then ask their opinions about… “What will it look like? What materials would be the best? How long will it take? What size would be ideal? Will it look like a professional did it?” This could prove invaluable!

Fourth, if you can, try to assess the opportunity cost of investing your time in a larger project. Although it is largely subjective, we all have an idea as to what our time is worth. If I deem my time to be worth $45.00/hour and the project will take 10 hours to complete and my savings over having a professional install the patio cover is $200.00, then perhaps my time is better spent somewhere else – even if it is spent as leisure time!

Lastly, if you do decide that DIY is the way to go for your patio cover, screening your existing porch, installing a screened enclosure or building a modular sunroom, give Home Porch & Patio Kits a call. We will answer all your questions honestly and completely. Don’t forget, all of our quotations come as a ‘no obligation’ service so that you can begin to make informed decisions about your project.